Knowing About Lip Augmentation


When it comes to lip augmentation or lip enhancement, you can find lots of methods. You can choose from surgical method and non-surgical method.

Non-surgical Lip Augmentation

Fillers, for example, Restylane(TM), Juvederm(TM) and others can be infused into the lips to make a youthful full lip. Filler infusions influence the lip to full as well as expand the lip skin which has the impact of decreasing lip lines and lip wrinkles.

The moment it’s legitimately injected, the upper lip will be turned upward by the fillers, reducing the separation from the pink lip to the nose. This makes a more youthful appearance to the lip, as the lip tends to turn down and extend as we age. The main drawback to fillers is that they should be rehashed in any event yearly, now and again at a half year.

There are a few surgical techniques by Dr Aesthetica to improve the lips. The most widely recognized are:

Fat Injections

Fat is gathered from other areas of the body for example, the hip. The fat that’s being removed is dealt with in an approach to enhance “take” or survival after transplantation. The fat is then infused into the lip to full and fill the tissue. Fat infusion works yet there is drawn out swelling and wounding after fat infusion. Since half of the fat will break down, the specialist needs to over right the infusion. It can take three to a half year for the last outcome to be seen. Contact Dr Aesthetica to know more!

Lip Augmentation with Lip Implants

There are a few inserts which can be utilized. These inserts are little and delicate and altogether different from bosom inserts. Little bits of Gortex have been utilized for a long time. Fresher inserts resemble little long inflatables which are embedded into the lips. The aftereffects of lip expansion with lip inserts can be superb and are perpetual, not at all like fillers. In any case, inserts represent a danger of dismissal by the body. In the event that inserts are rejected and should be expelled, critical scarring and distortion can come about.

Lip Lift Surgery

There are two basic lip lift systems. The best is a fresher procedure done within the upper lip, along these lines no unmistakable scar. Amid the lip lift technique little folds of the mucosa (pink tissue in mouth) are grouped to push the lip outward and up. Results can be brilliant and the absence of obvious scars is a major in addition to. To read more facts about Lip Augmentation, visit

More seasoned strategies for lip lift utilized an outer entry point underneath the nose. Upper lip skin close to the nostrils of the nose was evacuated, in this manner pulling the upper lip upward.


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